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Announcing Launch of Completed Home Page for MADNAP!

August 2, 2009


Motherhood has been hijacked by the psychopharmaceutical cartel. Last summer following the first several months of an intense grassroots campaign to stop the federal government from screening pregnant and new mothers via S. 1375 / H.R. 20, it came to our attention that La Leche League of Texas was hosting a celebratory conference in which the key note speaker would be Thomas Hale, Ph.D. and the topic would be how to help lactation counselors, consultants, and other breastfeeding leaders identify depression in breastfeeding women and inform mothers which drugs were recommended as the safest for breastfeeding.

Thus the impetus for a new sector of the UNITE / CHAADA outreach efforts began. A group of activists and experts collaborated and agreed to found and name this group “MADNAP” – Mothers Against Drugging the Nursing and Pregnant. Flyers on MedWatch data and breastfeeding studies, as well as other information obtained over the past few years regarding the risks of drugs for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers were drawn up and copied. UNITE / MADNAP activists drove to the location of the conference and distributed these flyers while Thomas Hale was inside delivering the final key note address to conclude the weekend long breastfeeding conference.

Knowing that mothers want to be able to nurse their children we feel that it is crucial that this desire not be exploited by those who seek to portray the use of potentially lethal psychotropic drugs while nursing as somehow more benign than formula feeding for the baby.

MADNAP, an affiliated group of the UNITE / CHAADA grassroots membership, has spread awareness through our BREATH blog and by other means. We have reached mothers who lost their babies to psychiatric drugs and have been able to publicize this information, leading to others having enough warning to get off of medications before or during pregnancy, potentially saving their unborn babies‘ lives.

We encourage people to share our new home page which is a launch pad to related blogs, information resources, the MedWatch reporting system, and the decrypted MedWatch data – which has been made available to the public for the first time ever, thanks to the tremendous efforts of CCHR International (and very little thanks to the FDA).

See The Bitter Pill for their press release. I have linked at the bottom of the MADNAP  site to their searchable database, including a special page on prenatal and neonatal exposure reactions / deaths.

Please check out the completed home page at which is also crosslisted as (yes, this is a play on the title of the book called Medications in Mother’s Milk by Thomas Hale, a book shared with lactation consultants around the world, which does not contain complete unbiased information, such as the latest MedWatch data).

Be sure to check out the yahoo group which you can locate from the MADNAP home page.

If you would like to get more involved, join the yahoo group and introduce yourself or send an email to me at Thank you for caring about babies who are currently being involuntarily drugged and whose mothers have been deprived of the right to full informed consent.

And just to fend off any accusations of me being judgmental towards women who nurse their babies on psychotropic medications, I nursed Isaac on Zoloft for four months from the time he was 6 days old. NO, I would NEVER do that again. And no, I do not judge people who do, I believe they have a right to full information before making that choice, and I know that this information has been unavailable to them, until now.

I do not want any babies to have to die the way that so many before them have, because of the misinformed and misleading statements of a few powerful and influential “experts” dictating the (incomplete) information fed to mothers.

Please help me make this viral.

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  1. August 2, 2009 6:03 am

    Decrypted FDA Reports Reveal 2,442 babies with heart disease, 3,372 birth defects, 1,072 miscarriages, abortions and other deaths from psychiatric drugs. Also 4,268 suicides, 2,452 other deaths, 195 homicides from psych drugs 2004-2006 alone…

    See more information here:

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