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Mother of Paxil Baby Julie Edgington Responds to Wall Street Journal on Perinatal PTSD Article

August 12, 2008
My name is Julie Edgington and I am writing in response to your article Birth Trauma: Stress Disorder Afflicts Moms.
I am the mother of a boy named Manie. I am sure since you have written this article and did your research you have heard about Manie. Just in case you have not heard or read about Manie let me explain a little bit about what has happened to him.
I took Paxil during my first trimester of pregnancy with Manie. Manie was born with a rare heart defect and had to have open heart surgery at eight days old. Manie has had other procedures over the past four years to fix problems with his heart also. On top of a heart condition Manie has suffered with a severe case of acid reflux which required him to be on an adult dose of acid reflux meds. I have four other children who are perfectly healthy and I did not take Paxil during any of my other pregnancies. To read Manie’s whole story go to
I speak out and tell people Manie’s Story so they can see the possible side effects of taking antidepressants during pregnancy. My mission has become very difficult especially when reporters want to demean what has happened to my son by singing the praises of antidepressant use to help with postpartum depression.
The MOTHERS Act is set up to screen women even during pregnancy for depression and the only listed treatment is biochemical. What does this mean? It means this world better get ready for many many more babies to be born like my son if this act is passed.
Paxil is now a Class D drug yet GSK continues to tell women to take the drug if the benefits outweigh the risk. When the risk is serious and deadly birth defects why would they tell women to take this drug? The same reason they want to pass The MOTHERS Act. The same reason why they said nothing when they knew years before I became pregnant with my son that their drug caused heart defects. They are not scared to get away with murder.
Amy Philo should be applauded for all her all her efforts in trying to save babies and families from such heartache. Amy has used what happened to her to try to stop others from suffering the way she and her family have, and the way Manie and other babies like him have.
If you are a true reporter you will do what no one else has bothered and tell the real story – Manie’s Story. At least take the time to go to my blog and read about him. Or are you scared of the truth and of telling the truth like everyone else?
Thank you for your time.
Julie Edgington
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  1. atracyphd permalink*
    August 12, 2008 6:24 am

    Good for you Julie!! I am proud of you and Amy both for speaking out. When I can have THREE babies with serious birth defects or after effects of their mom’s use of antidepressants in one small neighborhood that I am personally aware of – one with open heart surgery at birth due to his mother’s use of Paxil – one with open heart surgery due to his mother’s use of Prozac and one with Autism due to his mother’s use of Prozac (I know of the problems with vaccines and autism also, but this baby had no vaccines, only Prozac during pregnancy and through nursing.).

    I remember back when I thought doctors and moms were concerned about what a baby was exposed to during pregnancy and while nursing. Timothy Leary’s philosophy of “Better living through chemistry” has definitely taken over our world and I see nothing about it that could be labeled as “better”!!!!!!

    Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
    International Coalition For Drug Awareness &

  2. August 13, 2008 5:18 am

    I was just looking up some ‘disorders’ in the DSM and did you know that bereavement is considered a psychiatric disease? So is pooping or peeing in inappropriate places as a child. So is noncompliance with treatment, PCP induced psychosis, Caffeine-Induced Insomnia, Mathematics Disorder, and Separation Anxiety Disorder. I think that since Manie had to be separated from you as a baby in the NICU and is now extra scared to be away from you, Julie, that he should be classified as mentally ill for being afraid. Because nothing in life that we feel or do is a normal behavior or justifiable. Everything is coded… like feelings have to be classified and turned into an excuse to sell drugs. Way to go DSM writers, you have probably thought up just about every human behavior and turned it into a “disease.” Next it will be the ‘inadequate emailing and texting’ disorder to go along with the ‘excessive emailing and texting disorder’ and maybe for kids who aren’t quite potty trained it could be the food-induced borderline elimination disorder not otherwise specified.


  1. Sanders Turns Blind Eye To Victims, Sponsors Deadly MOTHERS Act « The Bitter Pill

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