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What an outrage!

May 1, 2006

Yesterday 10/16/08 I received my newsletter from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study. Every since Manie was a baby we have received this newsletter. The NBDPS is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Well right on the front page there it was an article titled FEW RISK OF BIRTH DEFECTS FROM ANTIDEPRESSANT USE DURING PREGNANCY.

The article basically says that there is very little risk that antidepressants cause birth defects and by their own studies they found no increase risk of birth defects because of antidepressant use during pregnancy. I am sick about this. Can we jump into the year 2008 PLEASE! It has already been proven that antidepressants cause birth defects so GSK should just stop paying organizations to print out stupid little articles which say they don’t. Hell the CDC is probably bought and paid for anyways.

I am sickened at the thought of all the women who are going to read this article and not know what the real risk are. This is why I have to continue to tell Manie’s story. CDC should be ashamed. Then again maybe they are just a little because they do not even put the authors name on the article. Of coarse BIG PHARMA would take up a lot of room wouldn’t it. My message to the CDC and Big pharma keep motivating me to talk more about what happen to Manie.
If I can find a link that works to this newsletter I will post it here.

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  1. Amy Philo permalink
    November 24, 2008 6:03 am

    Julie, I haven’t had a chance to write a whole article on this but I did review some of these major so-called NEJM “studies” comparing the birth defects of women in the “control” group and those in the SSRI group… and I submitted my comments to some docs to see what they thought. Their initial reaction was that I was right. But I need to get some backup before I publish anything. I will tell you my initial impression though, which is this:Most of these studies are either poorly designed, or they are bought and paid for by pHARMa.The first study I looked at compared SSRIs to a control group and found no huge increases in certain birth defects. But they always exclude some categories and say those are not birth defects. And they don’t seem to be looking at miscarriages and deaths like stillbirth. Nevertheless there were still groups of birth defects that increased with SSRIs. But here is the ironic part. If you look at what they are trying to claim has no increase, first of all, I think you would have to be really good at study design to really consider their methodology. A qualified doctor or research scientist could do this and easily dispute their findings, especially if we had access to the true data and actual files. A lot of times in studies there is some group they haven’t told you about that dropped out or some other disqualifier.But the major thing I found in the NEJM study was that the comparison group (the “control” group) supposedly represented to be the normal population, included women who were taking antidepressants also, but they were mostly on drugs like Effexor or Wellbutrin, which are SNRIs and not SSRIs. They are like SSRIs plus something else. They mess with Norepinephrine in addition to Serotonin. So, yes, there may be little difference in the control and the SSRI group on major birth defects, but the control group is on drugs too.In order to do a proper study they need to recruit pregnant women who are completely drug free and those who are not, and compare those groups, not recruit women who have babies with birth defects and then ask them which drugs they took during pregnancy. Compare the birth defects between the women who were drug free and those on meds. It sounds so simple but nothing is ever guaranteed simple or honest when it comes to pharmaceutical “studies.”

  2. Julie permalink
    November 24, 2008 12:19 pm

    Thanks for the comments Amy. What worries me when “studies” like these come out are the trusting people who read them. It makes me sick to think some unsuspecting woman might get ahold of something like this and think SSRI’s are ok.Manie had his check up and the doctor says he is alright despite the fact he struggles everyday to keep up and still has leg and arm cramps. I have no faith in most doctors anymore most of them are just big pHARMa (I am going to use that cuz it is true) reps and they don’t even know it. I was told before he was fine and then they found out he had the collaterals. I know my son and I know when something is not right, but God forbid if a doctor spend more then ten minutes with you. Its like pulling teeth to get someone to pay attention. Thats my rant for today. Thanks again Amy.Julie

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